Fantastic hair creations take both a good concept and the right creative balance. To develop these abilities, we must always keep our mind neutral, while absorbing stimulation from all kinds of fields, and keeping a true international view.

In the conflict against oneself, I believe we can create high quality. Especially the most important matter in designing hair is the geometric calculation, on the basis of a proper understanding of shape, size, and spatial relations, and the concentration.

Thinking about my concept, I always strive to refine and improve my techniques. To me, being a creator is more important than being an Artisan. To continue being creative through the beauty of hair is the greatest way for me to express

For me, designing hair is my life.

I, the representative of GEOMETRIC,

Kazushige Yoden


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103B Ashida Building 128-1 Higashi Honmachi Fukuchiyama Kyoto 620-0047 JAPAN

*By appointment only TEL&FAX 090-4567-9260

*Design hours:10:00A.M. to 8:00P.M.